Friday, January 8, 2010

IMPA Disagrees with Tax Credit Review Panel’s Recommendations

Today, the Tax Credit Review Panel released their formal recommendations to the Governor and Legislature.  The full report can be viewed here.

The Iowa Motion Picture Association is disappointed with the Tax Credit Review Panel’s recommendation to eliminate the Film, Television and Video Promotion Program.

IMPA disagrees with this recommendation and believes that the program should be maintained. The program provides multiple benefits to Iowa’s economy and culture. The tax incentives facilitated a fast growing and exciting economic engine for Iowa during a severe economic downturn. It should be recognized that the film promotion program was achieving its intended goals.

The Film, Television and Video Promotion Program:
• Creates skilled/high technology employment
• Diversifies the state’s economic industries
• Attracts new and retains current residents
• Funnels out-of-state money into local economies
• Acts as a promotional vehicle for the state
• Increases state tourism

Film, television, and video production is a clean, Green industry that provides good jobs and equal opportunity for urban and rural locations.

Please contact your state legislators and ask them not to eliminate the Iowa Film, Television and Video Promotion Program.

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