Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Full Court Press - Legislative Advocacy Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 17, is Cultural Advocacy Day at the Capitol, followed by the Iowa Cultural Coalition legislative reception at the state historical building from 5-7pm. We would like to produce a strong response from our members and friends to try to save the film promotion program.  Current proposed legislation will extend the suspension of the program through 7/1/2011 (SF 2319) or end the program (SSB 3121 & SF 2118).

The legislators are under the impression that there will still be production activity in Iowa during the suspension. We disagree, and feel there will be little to no production.  This is why we believe that it is preferable to revise and launch a new program while continuing to expedite the investigation and filing any appropriate charges; and also processing the tax credits for productions that played by the rules.

IMPA will have a booth in the Capitol Rotunda of the capitol from 10am-2pm playing trailers from feature films produced in Iowa and distributing our talking points which can be downloaded here.  We will then be at the State Historical Building for the Iowa Cultural Coalition's legislative Reception from 5-7pm. Robert Bluestone, the event's keynote speaker, will make some specific remarks about the multiple benefits of an effective film promotion program such as New Mexico's.

Please contact your legislators again with this latest information and attend the Cultural Day at the Capitol from 10 am - 2 pm and the legislative reception from 5-7pm if you are able. This is our last chance to try to save the program from being suspended until 7/1/2011!

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  1. The map should also show film production happened in Des Moines, Blackhawk and Washington Counties.