Friday, March 5, 2010

America's Got Talent Looking for Season 5 Contestants

NBC’s America’s Got Talent has concluded its casting in the larger cities; however, it is extending its auditions to parts of the South and Midwest and is seeking individuals interested in auditioning for the program on March 28th in St. Louis.

This is an invite only audition showcase for about 50-60 acts. Everyone needs to be cherry picked and pre-approved for the audition. Talent/artists who would like to submit for a private audition time will need to send the following to Shannon McIntosh at

Name and Contact Info (city, email, phone #)


Description of Act

Number of People in Act

A Video Link(s) to Act (this is a MUST; no one will be considered without one)

If you are a vocalist, the video needs to be a cover. The network will not license anyone's original music, so you must have a repertoire of covers to sing on the air if you're selected.

Decisions will be made by the 20th as to who is going to be asked to come and perform/audition by Ms. McIntosh and the Producers.

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