Thursday, July 15, 2010

Interested in Rotoscoping Training and Work?

Grasshorse Studios at 111 North Locust in Winfield, Iowa is looking for potential persons who have experience in or who are willing and wanting to learn rotoscoping.

Rotoscoping is an animation technique in which live-action film movement is traced over frame by frame for use in animated films. The term rotoscoping refers to the technique of manually creating a combination of two or more images into a single, final image on a live-action plate so it may be composited over another background. Think Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.

Those interested will be provided training by a Grasshorse rotoscope workshop where the individual will learn the technique, practice the process, and wrap up the class by creating a final roto-test demo to be  added to a rotoscope reel. The reel will then be sent to various outside companies in the hopeful pursuit of attracting jobs. Therefore, persons who are found qualified to fit roto positions must be local as this would not be a freelance position.

If the rotoscope demo reel is successful and brings in work, those deemed qualified from the workshop will be offered in-house working positions as needed. Again this is a local-only position and cannot be done out of house.

Email if interested.

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