Friday, December 17, 2010

Creative Maxims (Mary & Charlie Cunliffe) has teamed up with Joe Scherrman of DreamCatcher Productions to work on a documentary about Lake Delhi Flood

Charles & Mary Cunliffe of Creative Maxims, LLC and Joe Scherrman of DreamCatcher Productions, LLC have joined in an effort to tell the story of the Lake Delhi 2010 flood and dam breach, the impact it has had on the lives of the residents and the surrounding communities and the desire on the part of the residents to rebuild, not only a dam or a lake, but a way of life shared for generations, now threatened.

The three are working together collecting video, photographs and stories, through interviews of long time residents who are willing to share their memories to help tell this story about a way of life and about the determination to overcome the obstacles to rebuild it for future generations to enjoy. They are in production now and are very interested in hearing from as many families as possible about life on the lake. Those having in interest in sharing experiences about living on the lake or in the surrounding area are encouraged to contact Mary Cunliffe via email at

Joe Scherrman is the accomplished Director/Producer of the documentary "Ghost Player-Relive The Magic". A wonderful story that chronicles the experiences of a middle aged team of Iowa baseball players, who regularly graced the Field of Dreams and traveled to military basis around the world to bring the great American pastime, joy and goodwill to our troops and their families.
You can visit his website at

Charlie & Mary Cunliffe are film making hobbyists. They have produced, directed or been directly involved in the production of seven short films in the past two years. The two are script writers and producers who have several film projects at various stages of development. You can visit their web site at

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  1. What wonderful stories Mary and Charlie have uncovered. I'm blessed to be a part of it. Stay tuned.