Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grasshorse to Hold 2D-3D Film Conversion Informative

Grasshorse LLC, an animation and post production house focused on developing animation and servicing the post production industry for entertainment organizations, is looking for talented artists to Rotoscope and Dimensionalize films from 2D-3D. In response to the market demand for 3D films and content such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, Grasshorse will be holding a one day Rotoscoping Informational Session on Saturday, February 5, 2011.

“Grasshorse is mounting an effort to identify talent in Iowa for upcoming rotoscoping projects by using a multi-pronged approach,” says Stephen Jennings, COO. “First, we will be holding a rotoscoping lecture to inform potential talent of the art, followed by a portfolio review.” Grasshorse has been approached over the past year for rotoscoping projects that may be available as early as next month.

"These are high tech, high demand jobs, with year-round employment opportunities. We're talking the potential need for 100+ entry level positions,” says Kathy Buxton, CEO.

Secondly, Grasshorse will be offering a rotoscoping workshop to select applicants as an introduction to the industry.  “It can help potential artists determine if they have an interest in pursuing a career as a rotoscoper,” says Jennings, COO.

"This is the kind of business the film incentives were created for, it stems the brain drain and offers enticement to repatriate talent to the state," says Representative Dave Heaton.

"I have heard first-hand from major broadcasting network executives that a 35% tax credit could make the difference between us landing a contract or not," says Jennings, COO, "We're that close."

The Rotoscoping Informational Session will have a two part lecture, the first from 9am-12pm and the second from 1–3pm, followed by a portfolio review from 3-6pm at 111 North Locust in Winfield. “This lecture is an opportunity to identify potential artists that may fill upcoming positions creating stereo generation of films through the rotoscoping process,” adds Jennings.

“Those who are interested with computer aptitude and other creative skills like drawing, sculpting, filmmaking, 3D and stop motion animation should attend the session or be added to our position announcement list,” adds Buxton.  "Proficiency with Windows Operating System, Mocha, After Effects and Photoshop software is helpful, however not mandatory," says Buxton.

Grasshorse will be working with Iowa based community colleges, such as SCC, and universities to expand on their future training needs.  Presently few education opportunities exist for the advanced software and technology needs required for rotoscoping.

Persons interested in the above opportunities should attend the Rotoscoping Informational Session and bring their resumes, demo reels and portfolios. More information can be found at http://www.grasshorse.com/careers.php - Rotoscoping Artist, contact and RSVP to Lisa at lisa.horak@grasshorse.com, or call 319.257.3388.

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